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"Really amazing team ,Have done my cbt with them 2 times really patient and effective , passed my mod 1 first time with only 1 minor after one day of training with Richard, really recommended Richard, kind , answers to everything with no hesitation, smart ,kind and very very informative !!!"


"It was a very good day at the Sutton Motorcycle Training They were very polite, nice and kind They covered all the areas that needs to be covered in order to ride a bike on the road."


"I got my CBT with SMT Sutton Motorcycle Training– Great instruction, really friendly instructors.I will definitely recommend anyone who wants any training on motorcycle usage. Now to start the journey of biking."

Muhammad Ali

"Done my full motorbike test with sutton motorcycles and I couldn’t be more happy with my experience! Everyone who works here are very friendly, patient and very welcoming. AND I PASSED 1ST TIME!!! Would like to say a big thank you to Damon and Pete for a brilliant experience. Any one who is looking to do any bike test I would 100% recommend! Thank you again sutton motorcycles! "

Mitchell worboys

"I have now completed my full motorbike training from CBT then to full DAS and I am pleased to say that I have passed first time. This has been my most enjoyable experience for some time and that is all down to the Guys at SMT. I had no previous experience, however the SMT people made me feel totally at ease and the whole thing a lot of fun. A big thankyou to Carlie & Damon, who run the Centre. I have to say Damon is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met. He dismissed all my worries when test day arrived and instead, I was empowered with a belief I could pass. Amazing teacher, truly top of his game! Look no further, if you want to learn how to ride then you are lucky, as you have just found one of the best training centres in the country. "

James Raven

"I had a really good experience with SMT. I tried to contact few schools for further info to renew my CBT test and also left few messages on the telephone but SMT was the only school who returned my call. I booked a flexible appointment and this helped a lot with my work/routine schedule. My Instructor was very professional. He boosted my confidence and also corrected my few errors in a very professional way which encouraged me to ride my bike confidently and safely. I was very happy with the service. "My Instructor was Super friendly, super helpful and would highly recommend SMT to everyone !""

Mr Muneeib Ahmed

"I had my CBT with Luke and Richard – great instruction, really friendly instructors, highly recommended. Cheers Lads!"

Sabi D

"Full bike license but not been on a bike for over 10 years. I think it’d be difficult to find a more professional and friendly place to start again. Damon and Carlie (?), thank you so much for giving me the confidence to get back on a bike. If you’re looking for anything to do with motorcycle training, you won’t go wrong if you give these guys a call!"

John O

"Just had my cbt with Richard have to say a big thank you had a great day make me laugh a lot would highly recommend the team to my friends and family and a big thank you to damon for making me feel welcome."

Alfie H

"I came in to do my DAS after years of driving 125 's in London for years, I developed loads of 'London Habits'. Damon spent plenty of time patiently easing me out of my bad habits and got my @test @ mentality. I will admit I was not the most patient student, and Damon was a great teacher. I can not recommend both Damon, as a trainer, and Carlie as the warm welcome to the shop, highly enough. They are both exceptionally good at making you feel comfortable and welcome. If you are looking at getting training, tis is the place. Thanks again Anthony"

Anthony Briggs

"I started just 8 weeks ago my riding for the very first time in my life. I came to u guys and i was terrified on the very first day where Richard trained me on my cbt and was so patient and kind with me and all my tears...😥. After that I decided to go straight for my full licence and did my theory following Carly's advise about going through the book and dvd. Then...the time to on the big bike came..😱..and Sean was there for me and taught me all i needed to know to pass my tests, mod 1 and 2, and once again handled all my tears due to my fear about so many things. Mick took me to the mod.2 test and taught me some more little tips and especially gave me so much emotional support when i really needed. Lastly I went with Damon to my mod.2 again and made me feel confident and understood as he knew how I am with my emotions. At the end....I got my full licence!!! and all was thanks to u all guys, all your team!! I can only say a huge THANK YOU for everything u have taught me, supported me and made me feel very welcome. You are amazing people and don't think that u have got rid of😉. I would love to be part of the big family u are and will keep visiting u guys and have some coffees with u. I would encourage everyone who wants to get in to the bikes world and get the licence to do it with them as they are ''simply the best''. Lots of love. Xxx Barbara"

Bárbara Roquer

""Just had a CBT course Saturday 15th December 18 with Richard as my instructor. Must say he was very good , eased u in a made u feel comfortable on the bike in the training grounds and on the road. Also the staff there were very polite and friendly. Coffees were made and waterproofs given as it started to rain and was very cold after on site train. The lady who made and gave them made the experience that much better . Thank you guys . I will definitely recommend anyone who wants any training on motorcycle usage. Now to start the journey of biking "


"These guys are amazing and were so so welcoming the moment I walked through the door. My first contact was Carlie and she made me feel very relaxed from the moment I walked in. I'd previously done a CBT twice on my 125cc scooter but just wanted to get rid of my L plates. Having the experience I've had with these guys made me realize how bad my CBT experience was (not mentioning who), if I ever decide to experience riding a geared bike, this is where I'd come, they treated everyone as an individual and were really rooting for you to pass, even lending me a pair of gloves for my mod 1 and 2 incase there was an issue with mine as they look more like ski ones and apparently on test that can be an issue. I took 2 attempts on mod 1 but passed 1st time on mod 2 :-)... Couldn't thank these guys enough, they were behind me from beginning and thank you to Carlie for organising tests, couldn't recommend them enough....was a very happy experience. Now have my A1 license and no L Plates :-) ... thanks guys x"


"THat was my 1st experience with SMT,I got so many things with Mr.Richard & Ian, specially Richard got too much patience with all Riders and very friendly. I recommend it 100% and full satisfied."

Muhammad Abid

" I got my CBT with SMT Sutton Motorcycle Training. The Instructor was very good. Very nice people in the shop. Definitely very nice and proffesional people working there. I'm sorry I dont remember the names but the lady gave me the best attention when I went to get the information about CBT and license. Please keep up the nice smiles and great attitude, sometimes it's not easy to find. Kind Regards, Craig Montes de Oca "

Craig Montes de Oca

"Where do I or should I start mmmmmm. These guys and of course Carly have to be the best in making you relax, calm, chilled and funny as heck. I passed mod 1 on 2nd go and mod 2 on 3rd attempt. That being said it had nothing to do with not being taught right or there doing. It was a fact of my being nervous and cocking things up 1st. I have been riding for about 30+yrs but never bothered with a test. The point is it's all about how the test centre instructors are Muppets and depending also if they have had a good night before (cough). True example. I failed mod2 cause I wasn't over the right side enough to right at end of 1 way road which resulted in major fail and not a minor. BUT GUESS WHAT??????? I passed on 3rd go and GUESS what my 3 minors were for???????. I was to far to the right side to turn right. Moral of the story is I had a fantastic instructor in sean but on the days of the test I hope you don't get the bloody fools I did. So again thanks to all the folks who I think of as friends now for making me smile when down and always welcomed me as part of the family. Sean your a great instructor dude. Ride safe, Be safe and open that throttle folks"

Yilmaz Dol

"We are really lucky to have these guys so local to Sutton. I tried another training centre that I just didn't like the look of before finding SMT a few years back. Damon is really pationate about his business and even though myself and another rider were doing our CBT refresher rides, he still gives you all of his attention and charm. He is such a genuine guy, easy to talk to and he doesn't mind sharing his knowledge and experience with you which is why I decided to leave some feedback. While on our ride I learned where I needed to improve, what to be aware of and what I did right. I thought we were heading back to base once Damon was satisfied with our riding abilities, but instead he took us over to the testing track. Damon gave us a basic run down of MOD 1 and took away all the fear of it. This really impressed me as he didn't need to spend the extra time with us. His training technique is quite natural and he inspires confidence in your riding. I now find myself putting all of his points into practice daily and I am hoping my next visit here will be to complete my full licence. I would highly recommend Damon and his team. "

Richard May

"Just finished mod 1 &2 great few days training Sean & Damon great instructors will get you through would highly recommend 10/10"

Mick b

"Very friendly and professional staff. Did my CBT (Thanks to Richard). Pass the theory after one week, I took 3 days training, booked mod 1 and mod 2 with a gap of 10 days (so, if in case mod 1 is fail, the fee for mod 2 will be safe). Pass my mode 1 in first attempt (Thanks to Sean training and instructions ). After 5 days, a SLOT for mod 2 test was available, which I opt for it, mod 2 test was rebook for me (Tanks to Carlie). After 2 h of instructions with Damon, I pass mod 2 with a minor fault (exit the roundabout at wrong exit). I am very happy with the experience and strongly recommend SMT. Alex "


"Thank you so much for the CBT training/test yesterday. Sean’s a really decent guy with a great deal of paitence and understanding of dealing with a group with different needs. Bitterly cold but made all the better by the lady in the shop itself plying us with hot cups of tea!! Many thanks all round. I will be back to progress further!! Kind regards, Philip Bunn"

Philip Bunn