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"Amazing staff and company! Done my cbt and full motor bike license, Daymen and Richard are excellent teachers and great guys, highly recommend this place! Toby "


"Great day, knowledgable professional people, wouldn't ask for more. Fantastic place to gain qualification and experience"

Dariusz Wnek

"Did my CBT today with Asad and Mick as my instructors. They extensively go through everything in great detail to ensure you feel relaxed and confident throughout the training! I passed my CBT so a massive thanks to everyone At SMT! Highly recommended! "


"I have recently passed my Mod1 and Mod 2 test in first go with clean sheet in both test with my Instructor Richard. He is the main person behind my top level result.When this guy say you ready that means you’ll be holding your Full License for sure, so make sure you get all the knowledge , information and riding techniques from this Legend while you are in training.He just not gonna train you to pass the test , he also make you one hell of a good rider too. Genuinely Words are not enough to write about this SMT Motorcycle Training centre, Sutton, amazing customer service by friendly staff and all the information you needed for your test booking , training, and motorcycle clothing etc will be provided which i have never seen this facilities in any training centre before in my CBT days ,absolutely homely atmosphere .and above all excellent new model fresh bikes for training , you will enjoy each and every moment of last I highly recommend SMT for your CBT or DAS course and massive thanks to Carly & Damien for your service. Regards Bijay "

Bijay KC

"Hi, I had a plesure to meet Asad, great instructor, who took care of evrything. Clearly explains all that I need to know to ride the bike safely. He puts a lot of effort to teach riding techinc and make me more confident on the bike. It was great expirience I will hight recoment SMT to everyone. "

Robert Kmin

"I had a taster session with Assad today, my first time ever riding a motorcycle! I was excited and scared but Assad made me feel really comfortable and let me know it’s ok to make mistakes, everything takes practice to perfect it, he didn’t make me feel stupid and gave me the confidence to do it. By the end of the hour I was in control of the bike and am going to book more sessions until I feel ready to do my CBT, thank you Assad. "


"Hello , I’m very pleased today’s course with Asad he’s a grate teacher honestly he shows and explained every single thing clearly and precisely , it was a pleasure to learn from him , thanks very much."

Khaled jarbale

"I had my instructor Adam . He gave me a lot of information and he was so patient . He was guiding. I am so thankful for his help . "

Hamdy Hanafi

"My instructor was Asad. He was brilliant at giving you all the information you could possibly need. Honestly most educated I've been in a cbt lesson. He was great at teaching. The only downside was he got a little wound up at some points when we are only learning. In general a great instructor and would highly recommend asked as Richard! But he should learn patients with the learners. We all are human and get aggitated but as a instructor you should be able to control your emotions and be calm with the learners and his phone was a bit of an issue. But like I said everything and beyond you could want to know he told you. Really good bloke to have teach you "


"This is my second time doing a course with SMT. My instructor Asad was very friendly and greeted me as I arrived, it feels welcoming as soon as I stopped at the shop. Asad was very enjoyable to talk to and ride with. It was good to see him adjust to the needs of the other person as they needed some more instruction and would pick up on anything that could make us safer riders. He also promoted getting the test done soon, which made me confident they are fully focused on training riders to a high level. Really good service."


"I had Asad train me today. Extremely pleasant and teaches well. He explains clearly what to do and is very pleasant and kind to his customers. Would recommend and a 10/10 experience."

Subramaniam Jeyarajah

"Hello. I am very pleased with today's course Asad is a very good teacher he explained everything to us very precisely and clearly It was a pleasure for me to learn to drive from him thank you very much"


"From the first point of call with Carlie to meeting my instructor Asad, the whole experience was super friendly and easy. There was an issue with my initial booking and it was fixed straight away and I was offered a new slot at a more convenient time for me which was even better. Asad was calming and delivered his session with good humor and didn’t waste time. I felt in good hands with Asad and he adjusted well to the needs of each of us in the group. During my training Asad decided that one person wasn’t confident to continue into the road, which was sad for them, but confirmed that fact that he wasn’t just passing everyone, he genuinely wanted us to be safe and competent before we hit the real roads. His in ear instructions were super clear and I always felt that he knew where I was in the road, even if I couldn’t see him or has been separated by traffic. Good vibe at the end of the day, nice banter between the instructors on site and a nice warm welcome at the start of the session from Carlie. In all, would deffo recommend these guys if you fancy learning how to ride and be safe in the road on a bike. I can’t wait to have a cruise, cheers guys, see you in 6 months for my full A1 test."

Simon Wan

"Well where do I start !! SMT A training team of the very best instructors and Carly to keep them all in shape. When I decided I wanted to ride a bike back in March I contacted SMT and Carly booked me in for my CBT. Passed that and wanted to take my MOD 1 & 2 as soon as possible however with the Covid-19 Pandemic I had a little wait but as soon as things was moving again Carly got me booked in. Had a Training Saturday With Damon & Richard Who took 4 candidates to the test centre to train module 1 and then out for some riding. On the Sunday Damon took 2 of us and Richard the other 2 for Module 2 training. Excellent training from both off them in the knowledge and the skills to get you riding. Training shouldn't be boring and these guys make it enjoyable with a bit of humour to help you feel relaxed. . Took my MOD 1 & 2 on the Monday and passed with no rider faults. Which I would like to praise Damon for his good communication and training skills to deliver just what was needed to get my licence. For anyone wishing to Ride who needs training then i would highly recommend SMT !!! Sutton Motorcycle Training!!!!. Thanks you make a great team !!"


"I had a really fun and safe ride, my instructor Asad was very reassuring and informative. The rain got rent bad on the roads but with all safety instructions given it was very nice. Even more so, as an anxious road user, I felt very safe and calm when practicing, yet my instructor made it easy to calm my nerves and pressure on. "


"Re: CBT/Gear change conversion - 11/11/20 Did my CBT back in June on an auto. Great day yesterday, learning to ride a geared bike. Asad was very calm, patient and took time to explain things in a humorous way. Really enjoyed it. Also had a good chat at the end of the day with the boss - about progressing to a test. A really friendly place all together. Thanks, Nigel"

Nigel Jones

"Great team and great organisation. Brilliant instructor (Asad) who explained everything clearly, good demonstrations and helped us a lot. Thank you for helping me pass "

Luke Schooling

" Big shout towards the SMT Team, especially for Shawn. Having passed my CBT earlier this year, was eager to complete my DAS. Highly recommend SMT as a school. Couldn’t of asked for better instructor, patient, professional along with a-bit of humour. SMT school provided all the required equipment and was very informative about the courses offered since the start. Shawn provided all the required knowledge for the exam, plus more on how to be a better & safer rider. Thank you for all the support, many thanks. Craig "


"Asad, the man, the legend, the CBT instructor. Great day, despite the cold and wet. Felt in good hands both on and off road. Highly recommended SMT. Bring a sandwich and bottle of water (and take it in the car with you and stash it in your bike) . Specially in the cold! "


"Very welcoming, friendly and patient instructors. Took road instructions from Asad, very professional instructor. Highly recommend SMT. The weather wasn't great but we have a good ride. The away Asad deal with two rider the same on the road was impressive. I am glad I choosing SMT for my first CBT course."

David Adam Silva