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Ute Venable

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Bruce Rojas

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"Asad was a very good instructor today - very friendly. I passed my CBT exam with him today, he was very instructive and teaches very well. He made sure I understood the process and wasn’t intimidating at all. Very good instructor. "


"Asad was great Thankyou☺️"


"Asad bhai is very best instructor he gives me a very good training and I learn to him how to ride bike on road he is very down to earth Thank you Asad bhai Thanks you for training Thank you so much god bless you stay healthy stay fit Dhimant Parekh "

Dhimant Parekh

"I’m Qasim Ali .I have booked cbt training for 11 of December.please help me to change the date of course because I can’t come on 11 .I have got temperature.and you know the coronavirus thing .thank you "

Qasim ali

"Richard our instructor was friendly and made it easy and fun to complete our cbt course All the staff are very friendly and helpful. If like me you have been riding some time you maybe allowed to train using a 5oocc bike.thanks guys "


"I passed the Mod 2 on the second attempt with SMT having failed elsewhere on the first try. Damon was easy to listen to and his explanations for what I had to do meant that for me things made more sense than before and I passed the test with only 2 faults. Very happy to recommend then to anyone thinking of learning. Nice people to do business with."

Simon Gurr

"I recently passed my CBT with Asad as my instructor. He was great and provided lots of help and advice during the day. In particular, I felt safe with him when going out on the road for the first time and he has given me the confidence to keep practising. I only wished to have more time out on the bike on the day! I hope to be back soon for my full license."


"I recommend taking any test or training with SMT, they are know what they are doing and make you feel calm when you think your doing awful at some point. I had a good start with a geared bike but late I just became terrible, had a word with an instructor and I asked if I could continue on an auto bike. No issues there as it's about risk assessment, jumped on the scooter and away I went like a natural (nearly). Compared to Advantage Wimbledon, SMT has better bike, road and conversational training getting all the information to soak in the brain, and they always happy to find a solution to the problem or just to the point as again is about your safety. 10/10."

Michael Oyibo

"Amazing staff and company! Done my cbt and full motor bike license, Daymen and Richard are excellent teachers and great guys, highly recommend this place! Toby "


"Great day, knowledgable professional people, wouldn't ask for more. Fantastic place to gain qualification and experience"

Dariusz Wnek

"Did my CBT today with Asad and Mick as my instructors. They extensively go through everything in great detail to ensure you feel relaxed and confident throughout the training! I passed my CBT so a massive thanks to everyone At SMT! Highly recommended! "


"I have recently passed my Mod1 and Mod 2 test in first go with clean sheet in both test with my Instructor Richard. He is the main person behind my top level result.When this guy say you ready that means you’ll be holding your Full License for sure, so make sure you get all the knowledge , information and riding techniques from this Legend while you are in training.He just not gonna train you to pass the test , he also make you one hell of a good rider too. Genuinely Words are not enough to write about this SMT Motorcycle Training centre, Sutton, amazing customer service by friendly staff and all the information you needed for your test booking , training, and motorcycle clothing etc will be provided which i have never seen this facilities in any training centre before in my CBT days ,absolutely homely atmosphere .and above all excellent new model fresh bikes for training , you will enjoy each and every moment of last I highly recommend SMT for your CBT or DAS course and massive thanks to Carly & Damien for your service. Regards Bijay "

Bijay KC

"Hi, I had a plesure to meet Asad, great instructor, who took care of evrything. Clearly explains all that I need to know to ride the bike safely. He puts a lot of effort to teach riding techinc and make me more confident on the bike. It was great expirience I will hight recoment SMT to everyone. "

Robert Kmin